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Trip Itinerary

Short Walk – 45 mins

  1. Begin at Ōpunakē Lake – Take the Lake walk around the lake, which takes about 15-20 minutes, until you are back to the start. Things to look out for on the walk is the bird life on the lake, the Waiaua bridge weir, the mosaic sofa, the historical grave site of Mart Doby, and the swimming spot beside the Waiaua river.

  2. Cross the road beside the Ōpunakē Cottage Rest Home and walk north along the beach cliff. You will see glimpses of the beautiful Ōpunakē bay below. Halfway along you will find another two mosaic sofas, then come across the clifftop playground. Cross the beach road to the cenotaph and continue west to the headland track.

  3. At the end of this track, amongst the trees, is the Secret Garden. This tranquil setting is breathtaking and so colourful. Enjoy sitting for awhile and read a book or two from the garden library.

  4. Take a picnic and your camera because you will want to stay awhile.


Opunake Loop Trail – 2-3 hr

  1. Take a long walk or bike ride and try out Ōpunakē’s Loop Track.

  2. The walk is a loop so you can park anywhere and arrive back there. Or park at the Ōpunakē Lake, Layard Street or Ōpunakē Cemetery, Wilson Road.

Points of interest along the way:

  • Waiaua River

  • Ōpunakē Lake

  • Ōpunakē Beach

  • Mosaic Sofas

  • Secret garden

  • Lions Lookout from the old wharf

  • Middleton Bay

  • Te Namu Bay and Pa site

  • Otahi Bridge weir


Arts Trail - 2 hrs

Park on the main Street of Ōpunakē. The main street, Tasman Street,  has many murals scattered along the way. Download a mural map. Visit some arty shops as well, like The Emporium, Napier Street art galleries and check out the beautiful old Everybody’s Theatre. Take a coffee break at Arty Tarts or Sugar Juice Café and then get ready to explore several Art Studios around town.​

Visit the Ōpunakē Open Studios & Galleries Arts Trail.

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opunake open studios & galleries
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